Our People and Our Planet

Our dedication extends to upholding social and environmental responsibility.

  • Being a high-technology company, our growth is propelled by products and technologies aimed at benefiting the environment and mitigating climate impact.
  • Kestrel is leading the charge to decrease CO2 emissions associated with energy production activities, aspiring to achieve carbon neutrality by the year 2030.
  • At Kestrel, prioritising the Occupational Health and Safety of our employees is paramount. It is not only an ethical obligation but also a key performance requirement for the company.
  • Emphasising that our people are our future, we unite individuals, technology, and ideas to create safer, cleaner, and more sustainable products.
Recycling and Life Extension

Go Further

At Kestrel, our commitment goes beyond initial production; through the Go Further program, we emphasise extending the lifecycle of carbon components. We prioritise recycling and repurposing of carbon fibre-based composites by using our advanced recycling technology, we allow expired composites to be reborn into new components and reintroduced back into service.